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Schreck's fascination with all aspects of sound determines all our programs; we invite the listener to venture with us on a journey through unfamiliar soundscapes. We present our concerts, each with its own uniquely individual colour.

New in 2014

Speaking with Computers: Saariaho, Chadabe, Parra, De Man, Van Eck, Giroudon
La Lontananza: The program of ourCD, special performance with a VJ;
Luigi Nono, Hans van Eck
BassBox: Solo- and Ensemble works for this new and special instrument,
improvisations and compositions by Bart Spaan and Joan
Bages i Rubi

Planned for 2015

Troubadours in the 21st Century original troubadour music fron the 12th century
and contemporary reworkings of this legacy
Jauffe Rudel, Bernard de Ventadorn en Kaija Saariaho
New Dutch music New commissions with optional organ parts
De Man, Uijlenhoet, Nasopoulou, Van Eck, Meijer, Shay
Hans van Eck electro-acoustic music of the artistic leader
of the Schreck Ensemble

Older still bookable

Crisis concert !! Schreck unplugged
Sound Magicians
Music of some of our hero's
To Arie Homage to the founder of Schreck
Jean-Claude Risset The refined music of this French master
Resonating Strings Violin and Koto,
a commisioned work, new music and classical repertoire
Ascolta Our large Nono-project from the 90's
Nuctemeron Music theater version of the musical rendition of this
mystical work of Apollonius Tyaneus

E m e r g e n c e

emergence png We plan our next music theatre piece:
'Emergence: A Science Fiction Opera'.

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If you would like to request a Schreck programme made up of other works, you can consult our Repertoire List to see what other works we perform.
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