Schreck Assembly

From the very first concert Schreck has provided plenty of room for improvisation in its programmes. For Schreck's music goes far beyond the Western musical tradition; we take a broad perspective, observing how other traditions and cultures approach music: how in many non-Western traditions a 'composition' consists of an idea, a raga, a chordal scheme, a melody.
In jazz we are struck by the degree of freedom in music-making, by the central role of the performer in creating music. The creative spark generating the music is ignited on stage, not at the writing table.

Improvisation provides us with the opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of sound, instrument and space. Schreck's newly developed instruments; the Stratifier, the BassBox and Pulsor compel us to come up with innovative ways of performing, improvising and composing music. To constantly redefine compositional and improvisational processes.

Schreck Assembly is our chosen vehicle for exploring this exciting path. Performing in diverse combinations, we present music that is created anew each and every time. It is always a vibrant experience for us and at the same time it is an adventure opening new doors to our audiences.