History of the Schreck ensemble

In 1989 the Schreck ensemble was launched with a performance in the art centre Apollohuis in Eindhoven.
While we have always worked with a small core group of members, the initial pool of musicians was extremely restricted in number:
Tjitse Letterie - violin
Arie van Schutterhoef - crackle synthesizer
Hans van Eck - keyboard synthesizer
Colin McClure - sound technician, sound director

In 1992 the bass clarinettist Hein Pijnenburg joined the ensemble and in 1993 the violinist Tiziana Pintus took over from Tjitse Letterie. The soprano Janice Jackson also joined the core group of musicians. Hans van Eck began focusing more on sound direction, while Colin McClure's workload as a sound technician steadily increased as we started to develop our ideas on microphone techniques in this period.

In 1996 the ensemble reached a milestone with the performance of significant works by the iconic Italian composer Luigi Nono. This 'Ascolta' project was a significant one for the ensemble: we were compelled to function at a new higher level, both musically and in terms of how we operated as an organisation. The computer programmer Pieter Suurmond joined the group and applied his considerable skills to helping us solve taxing problems such as the recreation of old effects from sound equipment that had already become obsolete.

In 1997 we began collaborating with the sound artist Hans van Koolwijk, , a builder of newly developed instruments and constructor of large-scale sound installations. We jointly realised the project 'De Dag' [The Day], a combination of his successful work Bambuso Sonoro, our live electronics and our new instruments the Stratifier and the BassBoxes. This collaboration has continued up until the present.

2000 saw the creation of the large-scale multimedia work 'Nuctemeron' with music composed by Hans van Eck and videos created by Arie van Schutterhoef. The first version of this work was given its premiere in Arhus, Denmark, in 2001. A later theatre version of the work for a larger instrumental setting was performed in 2006/2007 under the direction of Bart Visser.

In 2003 the soprano Caroline Erkelens Erkelens replaced the singer Janice Jackson, who had returned to her homeland Canada. During the same year we were able to present our spectrum recognition software programme ComParser for the first time.

In 2006 Jan-Kees van Kampen Kampen joined the ensemble to help with the programming of SuperCollider-3, the most important software packet for sound transformation and generation of sound, while the technician Evert de Cock took over as sound director in complex performances such as Nuctemeron.

In 2006 the latest significant change in the ensemble's line-up took place: the bass clarinettist Carlos Galvez-Taroncher replaced Hein Pijnenburg.

The various lines of focus initiated by Schreck over the past years continue to evolve. A significant step was the recent splitting of the ensemble to create our improvisation department Schreck Assembly, which gives improvisation a clearly defined base in the ensemble.

We have given numerous performances over the past years. The 'Playlist' outlines a selection of our most significant performances:


year place / organisation / radio program
1989 Apollo-huis, Eindhoven. first concert, birth of the Schreck ensemble.
-music of Van Schutterhoef and Van Eck
1992 Gaudeamus concert - serie:
Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
-music of Van Schutterhoef, Van Eck, Chocholak and Van Vught
1993 November Music Festival:
Logos, Gent, België.
-music of Saariaho, Cage, Van Schutterhoef, Van Eck and Vink
1994 VPRO Radio 4 "Nieuwe Maandag"
a special radio-concert in the
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
-music of Saariaho, Meyering and Van Schutterhoef
Palladio, Utrecht.-music of Van Schutterhoef, Van Eck, Arden, Saariaho, and Risset
European Network (Gaudeamus/
Associazone Nuove Sincronie-Milaan):

exchange-program for European ensembles.
-music of Van Schutterhoef, Van Eck, Arden, Saariaho, and Risset
1995 3 Radio-broadcast via the ConzertZender. several own recordings
1996 Radio-broadcast KRO -Deze Eeuw-:
Nederlandse ensembles,
-music of Nono, Saariaho and Chocholak.
1996/'97 - ASCOLTA - a project with music of Luigi Nono,
a.o. subsidized by the 'fonds voor de podiumkunsten'.
6 performances.
1997 Radio-broadcast ConcertZender.- ASCOLTA -
Gaudeamus: Premiere-program Dutch and Other composers
-Risset, Karpen, Banasik, Van Eck, Steward and Dinescu
Radio-broadcast ConcertZender interviews, recordings, registration of the Premičre-program.
1998 Gaudeamus: 2 concerts in
Venlo and Bergen -NH.
-De Leeuw, Van Vught, Karpen, Nono and Risset.
Lüneburg (dui),
ensemble in residence at the
Studienwoche für Neue Musik.
2 concerts with Dutch music
and works from the international repertoire.

+ Lecture and workshops.
STEIM, Amsterdam. Try-out of The Day, collaboration with
-Hans van Koolwijk and his Bambuso Sonore.
Lüneburg, Germany. return as
ensemble in residence at the Festival für Neue Musik:
2 concerts with own works and
works composed by students.
STEIM: Touch Festival,
Theater Frascati, Amsterdam.
performance of a part of The Day.
CEM: Café Sonore, Amsterdam. performance of The Day
1999 De IJsbreker, Amsterdam. concert with works of Risset,
Radio-recording VPRO
Provadja Theater, Alkmaar. concert with works of Risset.
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. concert with new (own) works.
-Van Schutterhoef, Van Eck, Pijnenburg, Frey
Radio-recording ConcertZender.
2000 Dodorama, Rotterdam.performance of The Day
Kunsthaus Essen, Essen - Germany.performance The Day
Kasteel Eijsden, Eijsden near Maastricht.collaboration with the performance of '
Klanken verbeeld, Beelden verklankt
Technische Universiteit Twente,
T'ART' Enschede,
De Onderbroken Dag
start of the collaboration with this technical University.
Technische Universiteit Twente collaboration with the faculty
Mechanical engineering, Informatics and Interfaculty.
Diverse project for The Day.
DisTronics Festival, Eindhoven,performance of new works of
Arthur Sauer and Hans van Eck,
with live-video by Arie van Schutterhoef
2001 Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo ,performance of new work of Hans van Eck, and works by
Jeremy Arden and Jean-Claude Risset.
Musikhuset, Aarhus - Denmark,
'Mix.01' Festival
performance of the multimedia-project Nuctemeron
Grote Kerk, Groningen ,
the 'Wolfgang Rihm - Festival'.
Nono: La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura
2002 Split, Kroatia:
'7th International Festival of New Film',
new media section
Aqua Supracelestes of Van Schutterhoef and Van Eck.
2003 Teatro Alhamba, Granada &
Teatro Candtral, Sevilla, Spain,
on invitation of the Cultural Counsal (EPGPC)
of the region Andalucía
collaborated on the XIV Contemporary Music Days 2003
in Teatro Alhambra, Granada
and on the Contemporary Music Concert Series 2003
in Teatro Central, Sevilla.

Performance of works by Nono, Saariaho, Risset, De Leeuw and Van Eck.
Festival 'Musica Scienza 2003, Teatro dell' Ascolto',
Rome, Italy.
-Shinohara, Mochizuki, Van Eck, Risset and Itoh
-presentation of own software: ComParser
Teatro Il Ferroviario, Sassari, Sardinië, Italië. -Shinohara, Mochizuki, Van Eck, Risset and Itoh
-presentation of own software: ComParser
het Sasŕ International Award 2003 festival,
Catania, Italy,
organized by the United Nations.
Aqua SupraCelestes iselected in the category
Digital Wave,
an overview of experimental films and videoart
"Slowtime? .... Quicktime as an artistic medium", Aqua SupraCelestes is chosen to participate
as example of 'streaming media',
by Agricola de Cologne experimental platform
for internet art.
2004Glaspaleis, Heerlen.Opening of the reconstructed 'Glaspaleis',
improvisaton on the stratifier together with Hans van Koolwijk.
De Witte Dame, Eindhoven,Resonating Strings, koto and violin.
works by Makoto Shinohara, Misato Mochizuki, Jean-Claude Risset
and Hans van Eck.
Galeria M. Zilinkskas, Kaunas, Lithuania,
Festival Is Arti.
On invitation of Hans van Koolwijk,
performances on the BassBoxes,
-compositions of Hans van Eck and Arie van Schutterhoef
2006 Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
Rasa Theater, Utrecht
Theater Korzo, Den Haag.
Nuctemeron, scenic performance, direction Bart Visser
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam Uitmarkt performance of (parts) Nuctemeron
and music of Michael Chocholak
Turlej Gallery, Krakow, Poland,
Audio Art Festival.
On invitation of Hans van Koolwijk,
performances on the BassBoxes,
-compositions of Hans van Eck
2007 Compagnie Theatre, Amsterdam
Nuctemeron, scenic performance, direction Bart Visser


The BassBoxes in the Turlej Gallery in Krakow.