Repertoire of the Schreck Ensemble

We have built our own repertoire, based on our fascination with sound.
True 'Schreck music' is typically music that enthrals and captivates the listener with its intensive exploration of particular colours.
This is the sort of music that we like to perform and include in our programs.

This repertoire comprises:
works for acoustic instruments and/or voice.

works for instruments/voice and electronics, computers, tapes
for realising special sounds and sound or spatial effects.

works with video.
music theatre productions.

We make use of our recently designed instruments in the performance of new composed music, particularly in our improvisations with Schreck Assembly, but also in special sound-experiments and with installations.

When we use live electronics, our aim is to allow the playing on the acoustic instruments, with its many refinements in timing, intonation and tonal colour, to determine the music. To this end we have developed special 'intelligent' software, which follows the musicians' playing and reacts to it.
For more on this please refer to 'COMPARSER'.

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